hi, friends. as we start a new week, i just wanted to take a few moments to share some content that has blessed my soul recently. in an interview with …
being a Black woman who cares about her people is a dynamic embodiment of Sankofa. always looking backward - and inward - and moving forward, at the sa…
be faithful right where you are.
choosing ourselves should be more than just moments. it should be a lifestyle.
yes, i still preach, and.. 
"other models by which to live." + introducing Black Girl Black Coffee
my hope is that as we emerge, we do so with grace, tenderness, and patience with ourselves and with this process.
i ran my first 5k on Juneteenth.
it's the memory for me.
on sisterhood, covid-reunions and love sources
this is the sacred hope...
just raising some questions. no answers here.